Our baby’s diary



We present to you our easy read book “Our Baby’s Diary”. The book was created under the “Embrace for Every Child” project of the Future for Children Association, funded under the Faith in the Children and Family Program of the Tulip Foundation and the OAK Foundation. We thank the staff of the maternity ward at Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital in Kazanlak for helping with the development of the book. The book contains 24 pages of brief information about:

  • what the baby needs most;
  • hygiene;
  • how to understand that the baby is sick;
  • baby’s sleep;
  • feeding;
  • vaccines;
  • development of the baby during the first year;
  • suitable toys  for the baby, age, etc.

The book is designed so that young parents can paste pictures and insert important information about the baby.

The book will be distributed through the Maternity ward of the Local Hospital and through the Center for Community Support.


Here you can view the contents of the entire book.