Summer Therapeutic Camps, Painting Workshops

lager_2015The organization runs summer camps for children and young people from different ‘at risk’ groups. The team from Future for the Children Association focuses on several main objectives at the camp:

  • developing communication skills and socialization with different people
  • improving the emotional state
  • development of skills for independent living
  • making a connection with nature

Campaigns for exploration, teamwork, creativity, communication and training to respond to risky situations, as well as hiking in the mountains, take place within the camp.


Specialists structure the program to be tailored to the wishes, opportunities and needs of all participants. The children themselves maintain their hygiene (personal and living). Every morning they do gymnastics to prepare their bodies for the days activities. They take walks and participate in various activities in the wild. The use of games and role-playing techniques is an approach that encourages cognitive development, skills upgrading and social integration in children. All members of the group are encouraged to play games and participate in activities. All these experiences help the children to communicate, get to know each other and learn to better understand the reactions of others.

100_7451100_8222Summer therapeutic camps have been held regularly since 2007 funded by various projects and donor campaigns. To date, more than 160 children have gone through the camps. In recent years the camps have been held with  funds provided by Eurobank Bulgaria Plc.