“Dr. Hristo Stambolski” Hospital received GOLDEN APPLE


златна ябълка 2016–мбал казанлък

The National Children’s Network organized for the sixth consecutive year a ceremony for awarding “Golden Apple” awards. The distinctions are recognition of the efforts made by different people, organizations and institutions to improve the lives and well-being of children in Bulgaria. Awards were presented on the eve of Children’s Day (1st June)  at the Military Club in Sofia.

The Hospital Prize was awarded by the jury of Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital in the town of Kazanlak for the inclusion of a social worker in the maternity ward, who advises pregnant women and mothers who are at risk of abandoning children.

This year’s awards are in 10 categories dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the National Children’s Network:

  • Heroes of the Children
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Municipality
  • Journalist
  • Benevolent
  • Inspirer
  • Campaign or Social Innovation
  • Full Benefit Award
  • Special Prize


Coordination mechanism for the prevention of abandonment between the Child Protection Department was established under the “Hug for Every Child” project of the Future for Children Association, funded by the “Faith in the Child and Family” program of the Tulip Foundation, “Dr. Hristo Stambolski” Hospital, the municipality of Kazanlak. Within the framework of the agreement, the “Dr. Hristo Stambolski” Hospital is committed to informing the CPD and the social worker from the organization about mothers who have declared their desire to abandon their child, newborns who have been abandoned in the maternity ward and other children at risk.

In connection with the progress of hospital policies and practices, the Kazanlak Hospital is not less in quality to any state or private health care institution in terms of ensuring a safe and benevolent meeting for the children and their parents.

Babies are not separated from their mothers during their stay in the maternity ward which helps to stimulate and build an emotional connection between them. Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their newborns.

The maternity ward team assesses the need for a social worker within the ward and encourages the expansion of their activities.

Together with the team of the Center for Community Support of Future for Children Association, maternity ward specialists are included in pregnancy courses by introducing future mothers to the subject of BIRTH. They give valuable advice and examples of their practice in answering questions like

  • how to give birth – naturally or cesarean
  • will someone help me in the hospital to start breastfeeding,
  • how to prepare young parents for baby’s arrival
  • when the mother needs to go to the hospital
  • what the mother needs to take to the hospital

For the Golden Apple Awards this year, a total of 40 candidates have been nominated. The winners in the categories are selected by a jury composed of: Boyan Zahariev – Program Director in Open Society;  Dr Masha Gavrailova – Health Expert; Elena Atanasova – UNICEF Bulgaria; Maria Cheresheva –  Association of European Journalists; Rositsa Dimitrova – National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria; Iliana Zaharieva – Head of Corporate Communications at Mtel, who this year supported “Golden Apple” awards; Victoria Kraneva – representative of the “Megaphone” Youth Network.  The two special awards are voted by the Governing Board of the National Children’s Network.

President Rosen Plevneliev was awarded a Special Prize for his systematic efforts and support on issues related to the protection of children’s rights and their inclusion on the agenda of the various authorities of the country. “It is important to put children’s rights at the heart of events,” the President said in receiving the award. He recalled that as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Bulgaria gave priority to the issue of children’s rights. He also recalled that the high-level conference held in Bulgaria and the Sofia Strategy were accepted unanimously by all European countries.

In 2011, Mayor of Kazanlak Municipality – Mrs. Stoyanova received the special award “Golden Apple” for contribution to the development of the non-government sector and the policies for children in Stara Zagora region.