“Volunteer initiative” Award 2016

nagrada-1 Future for the children Association won an award for the best volunteer initiative. This competition was organized by National Alliance for Volunteer Action and Tulip Foundation. The award was for the initiative of the volunteer club at the National School of Plastic Arts and Design Akad Dechko Uzunov, Kazanlak. The goal of the volunteers was to clean up three children’s playgrounds in the town of Kazanlak. Young people prepared a presentation about keeping the environment clean with pictures of places in the town where people have contaminated and destroyed the nature.  They themselves have connected with other schools in the town and have introduced the theme and initiative about cleaning the children’s playgrounds and repainting of the equipment. They made posters and brochures with inform_MG_9294ation about upcoming activities. Together with residents of Kazanlak, students from five schools have cleaned and painted three children’s playgrounds. Future for the Children Association has been training and working with sixteen new volunteers who are committed to the initiatives and causes of the organization.

The 2nd award was received by Emmanuel Patashev and a group of volunteers for the initiative “Mentors – Friends” Caritas Sofia. Through regular meetings with Bulgarian mentors in the city, they have spoken about their work for the integration and support of refugees who have settled in Sofia. (These refugees are from many nations, of every gender, age and religion; who have no longer live in temporary accommodation centers). Periodic meetings were conducted between the mentors and refugees (minimum of 4 hours per week) with the emphasis on communication in Bulgarian and mutual knowledge and acceptance of social and cultural differences.

The 3rd award was for the initiative “When we become 100,000 we are going to plant a forest” of Foundation77. The initiator of the campaign talked about planting new trees in Bulgaria with the participation of volunteers and many children and young people. Within 8 forestation sessions with the participation of over 1,000 people, 14,000 new trees were planted. In another 205 forestation sessions in kindergartens, schools and homes, with the participation of nearly 10,000 children, 20,500 new trees were planted.

During the last competition, 51 volunteer initiatives implemented in towns and villages were nominated which were competing_MG_9404 for the awards of the Volunteer Initiative 2016. The contest was announced by the Tulip Foundation and the National Alliance for Volunteer action for the 6th consecutive year, and was open to organizations and groups which had organized volunteer initiatives in 2016 (regardless of accomplishment, purpose and method of organization, funding resources or number and age of the volunteers).