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Support at the maternity ward


The work of the Social Worker of the Center for Community Support is continuing  in the maternity ward at Dr Hristo Stambolski Hospital in Kazanlak. His role is to inform and provide psychosocial counseling to mothers who have expressed a desire to abandon their child. The social worker visits the Department regularly and  upon request from a medical officer and / or employee of the Social Assistance Directorate of Kazanlak, responds quickly. A fast and coordinated response to the first signs of risk of abandonment is extremely important for every child to have the chance to live with their family rather than in a children’s home.

In June 2016, the social worker  received three alerts for upcoming births from underage girls, one of which had directly requested to abandon her baby. There have been talks with her and her relatives. The evaluation shows that the family will help and will adequately care for the newborn, will support the young mother in raising it. The social worker also developed risk assessments for the other two underage mothers, and it was found that there is no risk to the health and life of the children and they will be raised in their biological family where they will get everything they need. A team from the Center for Community Support will continue to work with young mothers and their families to prevent further pregnancies until they reach the age of eighteen.

The Prevention at the maternity ward started a pilot scheme under the Hug for Every Child project. Its main goal was to reduce the number of children placed in children’s homes by building a system of parental support services and activities based on an integrated approach and interinstitutional cooperation.

The activity “Prevention at the maternity ward” is carried out by the Future for Children Association, in partnership with the Kazanlak Municipality, the Social Assistance Directorate and  Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital.