CHANGE in Action

P1010176On 04 and 05 of August 2015 the first Module of Activity “Enhancing the Capability of the Management Team of the Organization” under the “Change in Action” project was  implemented.

Within this activity training will be conducted for the management team of the organization. Over the two days, a team of 8 people has gone through the first module of this activity – “Communication Skills – Negotiating Skills, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Convincing and Decision Skills, Presentation Skills”.

The organization’s Executive Director, key service specialists, the coordinators of the Center for Work with Volunteers and the person responsible for public relations and the media took part in the training.

For the realization of this module, the Association uses the capacity and experience of the external expert Georgi Atanasov, a communication coach and acting instructor.  The format chosen by the lecturer was entirely interactive – from theoretical to workshop sessions, which, in truth, were a real challenge for the participants. In two days, the group acquired basic communicative and presentation skills based on verbal and non-verbal techniques and programs. The trainer paid attention and time to workshops – solving case studies, practical tasks, improvisations, role playing, preparing training programs and presentations and being recorded.

Through the training of “Enhancing the Capability of the Organization’s Leadership Team”, we aim to improve the organization’s team skills in terms of

  • effective management and organizational culture,
  • managerial competence,
  • improved relationships and communication between the management team and the dedicated team,
  • volunteers,
  • media and donors ,
  • increasing the capability to achieve financial sustainability and human resources management.

Future for the Children Association launched a “Change in Action” project at the beginning of 2015. Four of the activities – “Strategic Planning”, “Promotion of the Organization in the Local Community”, “Working with the Media” and “Annual Future for the Children” were realized for this time. Up until November, the activities of “Enhancing the Capability of the Organization’s Leadership Team” and “Team Co-operation” will be finalized. “Change in action” targets the development of the organization’s team, including donors, volunteers, the media and the local community as additional target groups, and is developed because there are no other funding programs directly geared to building NGO capacity. This thematic area is a key priority of the Program and it comes at a time when the organization has expanded its activities and the management team appreciates the need to structure the organization’s activities, pooling and motivating the team.

We expect the organization to become established in the community as a structure that helps each child and family at risk.

The Change in Action project is funded under the NGO Support Program in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014″


This document was created with the financial support of the Program for Support of Non-Governmental Organizations in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The entire responsibility for the content of the document lies with the Future for Children with Disabilities Association and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this document reflects the official opinion of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Operator of the Program for Supporting Organizations Bulgaria.