The first winners of the Future for Children Awards


galq-nagrada-1At a stylish ceremony in the hall of the Historical Museum “Iskra” and Art Gallery – Kazanlak, Future for the Children Association presented the first prizes of the same name.

This is possible thanks to the “Change in Action” project implemented by the local organization and financed by NGO Support Program in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 ”

Prizes were awarded in the categories

  • Public person award
  • Company charity award
  • Friend of the Child award

and three Children’s Campaigns for the Development and Implementation of Campaigns to Support Children.

The prizes were announced by the President of the Future for the Children Association, Mrs. Krasimira Dimitrova and Mrs. Maria Gineva, Executive Director.

A special guest of the event was Georgi Bogdanov, Chairman of the National Network for Children, who announced and presented the Prize in the category “Public person award”.

“Everything we do for the kids in this city, we do it together – in a team! This Prize is for all of you! Thank you! “, These were the first words of Mrs. Galina Stoyanova, mayor of the Kazanlak municipality and winner of the Future for the Children award for a complete contribution to the children of Kazanlak. She was honored for her overall work and her outstanding contribution to the development of programs and projects to raise the well-being of children throughout the municipality.

Award winner in the “Friend of the Child” category, accepted the award with a lot of excitement and tears. She promised she will never forget the children in this city and will continue to help. In the “Company charity award” category, Vetrokom Ltd. and its manager Mr. Simeon Georgiev were awarded the most votes.

Special plaques were awarded for their support and contribution to the children of Kazanlak to

  • BBC Cable Company and in particular Mr. Boris Kyrchev, for the realization of the two projects – “Choose Cause, Changes Kazanlak” and “The Talents of Kazanlak”;
  • The college of Kindergarten “Zdravets”, Kazanlak, for the support of Nikola Stoichkov and his family;
  • Youth Municipal Council of Kazanlak – for the implementation of several campaigns in support of children and raising awareness on a number of publicly important issues concerning the health, education and culture of adolescents.

Georgi Atanasov, an actor at the Municipal Theater “Lyubomir Kabakchiev” attended the ceremony. All the guests of the event had the opportunity to enjoy the performances of the talented children from the sport dance club “Kiara-N” and the piano music school at the Ekzarh Antim I High School.

Future for the Children Association establishes the awards in order to stimulate donation and volunteering in support of the cause “For the children of Kazanlak!”. Most importantly, to show respect for all people – children’s friends. Citizens, donors, companies, civic structures and volunteers who in one way or another have supported the children in the city.

Within a month, a total of 21 nominations were received of people and businesses have done something important for our children!

All people, companies and organizations nominated for 2015 Prize received a Future for the Children certificate. They are: Lilia Tzonkova, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Kazanlak, Elena Julianova, Building Company “Building” – JSC Kazanlak, Iskar Bulgaria Ltd., Polibet Ltd, David Holding JSC, Yanko Mermekliev, Dina and Vesela Papadakis, Daniela Mincheva Ivanova, Jamal Nedzipov Paparlanov, Georgi Gardev.

All organizations working with children – schools and kindergartens, clubs, community centers, children’s centers and social services – had the right to be nominated.

At the beginning of the nomination period, the association announced that, for the purposes of the Prize, it expects to receive stories about people and companies that systematically help and make donations. Who believe that special attention to our children must exist in every sphere of our lives and at all times.

The selection of the winners was held in two stages. In the first, a focus group of children between 10 and 16 years of age was formed. They learned about all the nominations, then cast their favorites in the three separate categories.

At the next stage, individual nominations were examined and discussed by the commission. It was comprised of representatives of the organization, the Youth Municipal Council, the Center for Work with Volunteers at the Future for the Children Association and friends.

The Change in Action project is funded under the NGO Support Program in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014″


This document was created with the financial support of the Program for Support of Non-Governmental Organizations in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The entire responsibility for the content of the document lies with the Future for Children with Disabilities Association and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this document reflects the official opinion of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Operator of the Program for Supporting Organizations Bulgaria.