“Future for the Children” Association with gifts for the youngest in our town


On Day of the Child (1st June)  , we decided to make a donation to the maternity ward team at “Dr. Hristo Stambolski” Hospital in Kazanlak.

The place where our children are born and take their first breath of air!

The hospital director, Mrs. Keti Manalova, and the whole maternity team accepted with gratitude the colorfull packages of 20 bed sets designed for baby beds and expressed their joy that they would be able to renew some of the newborn bedding.

The meeting has given us great happiness.

Future for Children Association managed to buy the bed sets thanks to the Embrace for Every Child project, through which the organization and the hospital are partners.

The aim of the project is to prevent child abandonment both at the maternity ward and in subsequent stages. It is implemented in partnership with the municipality of Kazanlak, the Social Assistance Directorate, the Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital and Future for the children Association.

Its main activity is the inclusion of a social worker from the Center for Community Support in the maternity ward at “Dr Hristo Stambolski” Hospital in Kazanlak. His role is to counsel and advise mothers who have expressed a desire to abandon their child. The social worker visits the Department regularly and responds quickly upon a signal from a medical officer and / or employee of the Social Assistance Directorate of Kazanlak. A timely and coordinated response to the first signs of risk of abandonment is extremely important for every child to have the chance to live with their family rather than in an institution.