“Future for Children” Association won a grant from LIDL under the program “You and Lidl for a Better Life”

Projects receiving funding from Lidl Bulgaria’s largest social initiative – “You and Lidl for a Better Life” – were announced. Approved projects will receive a grant of up to BGN 10,000, which they will use to realize their ideas. A total of 31 projects from across the country will receive funding, including the project “Together with our Children” of the Future for Children Association. “You and Lidl for a Better Life” aims to support socially significant projects across the country in the following four areas: education, environment, culture and heritage, and a healthy lifestyle. The initiative reflects the company’s drive to contribute to a more complete and better quality of life for people in different regions. A total of 425 projects from across the country applied for the program, passing through several evaluation stages – an administrative criterion assessment, expert jury evaluation and evaluation by Lidl Bulgaria employees.

The goal of “Together with our Children” is to create a positive supportive environment for children by promoting parent-child communication and active interaction between kindergarten and families. The project activities are in three categories. The first is a positive parenting training. In this, parents will learn how to stimulate their child, how to encourage them, and how to talk to them. The second guideline will include 12 initiatives aimed at children and parents – “Fairy Tales”, “Father’s Day”, “Adventure with Dad”, “Let’s Write a Tale”, “Mom’s Recipes” and more. In the third guideline there will be a dissemination of the model for working with the parents – a round table with specialists, an exhibition of photos from the activities, publications in the electronic newsletter of the organization.

The project aims are to reduce the number of children with emotional and behavioral deficits, increase the number of parents who have changed their way of communicating with their children and seek support when faced with difficulties in raising their children. The project will include two of the largest kindergartens in the area, but the activities will be open to all parents from the municipality.

The project involves 140 children and their families, and the duration of the activities will be one year. The cost of the project is BGN 8 630.