We learn and continue to work “Together to support children!”

снимка превенция

The team of the Center for Community Support undertook a training module on “Preventing the separation of children from their families in the maternity ward”.

On two consecutive days CCS specialists, including the Social Services Manager and the executive director of the association, participated in interactive training aimed at covering the main topics of the team’s work and the Center for Community Support in general, such as the prevention of abandonment . The group also had representatives of the Department of Child Protection  in the town of Kazanlak. This was very important because of their work to keep children in their own families.



Future for Children Association trusted the expertize of For Our Children Foundation, which provides professional social services to the most vulnerable children at an early age by promoting a stable, secure  family relationship. The Foundation works to ensure that no Bulgarian child spends the first years of its life in the isolation of social homes but lives securely and lovingly in a family.

The tutors have developed a program based on modern adult learning methods – with topics, exercises, case studies, role plays, discussions, and more.

Since the beginning of 2014, a social worker from the Center for Community Support at the Future for Children Association has been involved in the work of the “Maternity Department” at Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital in Kazanlak. His role is to inform and counsel mothers who have expressed a desire to abandon their child. The social worker visits the department regularly, but response quickly if there is  a request from a medical officer  or employee of the Social Assistance Directorate of Kazanlak. A timely and coordinated response to the first signs of the risk of abandonment is extremely important for every child to have the chance to live with his family rather than an institution.

In this connection, it was important for the association to draw on the experience of  For Our Children Foundation, who have been working at the level of the Regional Office for many years and are the only ones in Bulgaria who provide such a training. In the training they covered activities such as: on-call duty at the maternity ward, receiving a request and coordination between the hospital, the CPD and the provider; parent support services – in RO, mobile services; guidelines for counseling in maternity leave of mothers who have expressed a desire to abandon the newborn; communicating to parents about disability of the newborn and the role of the social worker; negotiation of subsequent family support after the end of the service period; negotiation with medical institutions, tripartite cooperation between provider, medical institution and protection body; providing space for consultation; forms and working algorithm.

The training was also realized thanks to the project “Hug for Every Child”.

The purpose of the “Hug for Every Child” project is to reduce the number of children placed in institutions by building a system of parental support services and activities based on a complex approach and inter-institutional cooperation. “Hug for every child” has a duration of 27 months. It is funded by the Tulip Foundation and the Oak Foundation in the Faith in Children and Family Program and is implemented by the Future for Children Association as a leading organization in partnership with the Kazanlak Municipality, the Social Assistance Directorate and the Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital.