A generous donation arrived at the “Future for Children” Association

Regular Knights of the Order of the Templars made a donation in the town of Shipka for disadvantaged and disabled people. The donation will be distributed to the inhabitants of Shipka and the municipality of Kazanlak. The donation came to Kazanlak with the co operation of Petko Chirpanliev, the German citizen of Bulgarian descent, a descendant of the Chirpanli family. The truck full of aids was donated to needy people and organizations  within the social services system.

Numerous boxes of adapted baby milk, baby purees, toys, teaching aids, drawing materials and children’s clothing arrived  at the Future for Children Association. They will be distributed to families and children in need. The Association, as well as all who will receive this generous donation, express gratitude and respect to the Knights of the Order of the Templars, Mr. Petko Chirpanliev and Vessi Panayotova – mayor of the town of Shipka.