173 Happy Children on Christmas Eve

We are happy to let you know that we  successfully completed the Santa Claus 2017 Action!
173 gifts, 173 happy children, 173 children’s dreams we managed to fulfil!

We thank everyone who participated in our Christmas campaign in support of children with disabilities, children from large families and socially disadvantaged families. Thank you for helping us fulfil their wishes and show them that wonders are coming at Christmas! Thank you for helping us bring happiness to so many children for whom the world is not such a good place. We thank all the people who have believed in and embraced our cause!

A bicycle, toys, educational materials, and many other wonderful things were hidden in the colorful Christmas packages that went to the homes of our children and small group homes.

The start of the charity campaign was launched on December 4th  and ended on December 18th 2017. The team of “Future for the Children” Association had placed two christmas trees in Kazanlak and one in the village of Dunavtsi. Each of the magical trees had a number of special Christmas toys and a letter introducing one of our children. Through these letters, people became acquainted with the story of the child and its family and prepared a gift tailored to the child’s age and interests.

In the week before Christmas, the team and volunteers of Future for the Children Association  ensured that all Christmas presents were handed out to children.

We can not thank our partners without whom we would not succeed enough: the Kazanlak Municipality, the Vimax Shop, the Perfect ML food store in the village of Dunavtsi where our Christmas trees were located.