Future for the Children Association is initiating the charity campaign Action children’s world under the banner GIFT for the world with a HUG for every CHILD! The collected resources will support the Center for community support by creating a playground and therapeutic workplace and the following services:

  • Support for socially disadvantaged families
  • Providing packages for newborns
  • Supplementing the “Toy Library”

It is good for children to play with toys, books and board games to help with their creative and imaginative development.

GIFT for the world with a HUG for every CHILD  initiative is to support disadvantaged children from the Kazanlak municipality:

  • Children with special needs
  • Children from families with low social and economic status
  • Large families
  • Children placed in institutions and foster families
  • Families at risk of abandoning their child in an institution
  • Patients of Dr. Hristo Stambolski Hospital in Kazanlak

Let us together educate the children to SHARE, BE TENDER-HEARTED AND TOLERANT!

You can include your children in supporting the cause by donating clothes and toys they no longer need. They will be given to another child.

Instructions for donations are:

  • new and used items and clothes
  •  it is imperative that donated items are fit for use and suitable for children aged 0 to about 13 years
  • it is imperative that all donated items and clothes (if not new) be washed in order to preserve the health and hygiene of the children
  • please do not include money or other valuables in donation packages, financial donations can be made at Future for the children Association where you will be given legal documents for your donation. Alternatively you can donate through the bank: (IBAN: BG82STSA93000013794439, BIC: STSABGSF, Bank DSK)
  • place your donation in a suitable container  
  • specify which age group the donation is for
  • if you have a preference for where your gift is used please indicate this on the package

Bring or send your donation to: Future for the Children Association. Address: 25, Voynishka Str. Kazanlak, 6100, Bulgaria

Spread the initiative among your relatives and friends!

Thank you in advance!

To help with donations we have produced a list of things that children and their families need.

For newborns/babies:

  • baby cosmetics
  • diapers
  • milk formula
  • baby food
  • bottles and pacifiers
  • bedding sets, blankets
  • baby baths
  • clothes
  • baby buggy
  • toys for sensory stimulation

For children 3 to 7 years old

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • toys
  • indoor and outdoor games
  • books
  • kits for girls/boys
  • coloring books and materials e.g. paints and brushes, pencils, felt tip pens, pastels, etc.
  • books with children’s tales
  • puzzles

For children of school age

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • school supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, teaching aids, paints and brushes, felt tip pens and others
  • books
  • learning games
  • modeling kits
  • construction sets
  • puzzles etc.

 What cannot be used:

  • broken and dirty toys
  • dirty stuffed toys
  • large mechanical or motorized toys
  • torn clothes and shoes

Contact: Public Relations officer, tel. 00359 (0) 431 62866,

You can also participate in ACTION CHILDREN’S WORLD as a volunteer in a specific activity or service that the Association develops to support children and families at risk.

Contact: Maria Gineva Executive Director, tel. 00359 (0) 431 62866