The activities with the project “Together with our children” continue

During March 2018 the “Together with Our Children” project of the Future for the Children Association continues with activities aimed at children and parents.

How important are the children’s books? They are an indispensable and important part of each child’s life! They develop and educate, support and release children’s emotions! Tales are a wonderful way for children to recognize the dilemmas born in their inner world and to deal with them.

What are the tales made of and what are their main components?

Parents and children from the Edelweiss and Slanchitse Kindergartens together answered this question!

Throughout the month they had the opportunity to write their own story, to which they added an illustration!

The educators in the two kindergartens – project partners, say that the parents have embraced the idea as can be seen from the works we have received!

Tales are a fun and enchanting way for the child to make sense of daily events and help him determine his emotions or find answers to his questions!


The project “Together with our Children” is being implemented thanks to Lidl, Bulgaria. “You and Lidl for a Better Life” is the largest socially responsible initiative in partnership with the Workshop for Citizens’ Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum.

The goal of “Together with our Children” is to create a positive supportive environment for children by promoting parent-child communication and active interactions of kindergarten and family.

Thanks for the good partnership and the participation of children and parents!