Kazanlak youths in the “Megaphone” program

Two youths, volunteers at the Future for Children Association, left today to join the “Megaphone Youth Program.

Todor Ginev and Daniela Zaharieva will have six days to get acquainted with the program and to choose how to get involved in it. It has been conceived together with young people from the “Megaphone” Youth Network and builds on the experience of the National Network for Children in various activities for children and youth participation. The goals of the “Megaphone” Program are to provide a comprehensive and coherent process of building the capacity of both young people and organizations that are members of the National Child Rights Network in the field of children’s rights.  To opinion and participation – values, attitudes , theory and practice and to structure and facilitate the development of a comprehensive model of authentic child and youth participation in the National Children’s Network.

Future for Children Association is an active part of the National Children’s Network. This allows two young people to join the Megaphone Program. Maria Gineva, director of the Future for Children Association and a member of the Board of the National Children’s Network, will accompany Todor and Daniela as the person responsible.

Megaphone volunteers have the opportunity to take on the role of PR, an advocate, and a co – facilitator. The role of PR is appropriate for megaphone volunteers, who are interested in creating texts and messages, in organizing, promoting and reflecting events, and in social networks as an up-to-date information tool. The advocacy role is good for megaphone volunteers who are interested in how the state works and how policies are created and implemented for children, young people and families. The role of co – facilitator is appropriate for megaphone volunteers, who are interested in group relationships and processes, conducting training and facilitating discussions. In these roles, young people can get acquainted with the media platforms of the Web, institutions, training and communication practices. Everyone can develop their potential in one of the three strands.

The program provides good networks and relationships among young people with common interests across the country. Meetings and activities bring knowledge, fun and good spirits, new friendships and great ideas are born. Young people have the confidence to speak and their voice to be heard.