A step forward with “FUTURE FOR THE CHILDREN”

Future for the Children Association launched a campaign entitled Support Future for the Children in its next step! This included fundraising, donations and volunteer work. The purpose of the campaign was to build a room for physical activity and rehabilitation to help disabled children in the Center of Rehabilitation and Integration of children with disabilities.

The benefits of the therapies are:

  • stimulating neuro-motor and intellectual development
  • increasing their autonomy
  • providing a better quality of life and maximum socialization of children with special needs
  • developing cognitive and communication skills

Classes can be individual or group sessions, depending on the characteristics and abilities of each child. The sessions help with physical development of children with special needs, the development of gross and fine motor skills, movement, coordination, dexterity and training in activities of daily life etc.

We encourage the community and representatives of companies to be involved in the campaign         “A Step Forward” and support us in our efforts to create and build а specific therapeutic room and upgrade the facilities for children with special needs in our city!

To create the hall funds of about 12,000 BGN was needed to repair and renovate the room. Equipment we already have:    

  • rehabilitation stairway,
  • walking frame,
  • parallel bars,
  • a standing frame,
  • rehabilitation balls,
  • mattresses

Equipment still needed is:

  • massage couch,
  • wall bars,
  • “ball pit”,
  • children’s bicycle
  • treadmill

How you can support our campaign:

  • To make a financial donation our account details are:

IBAN: BG82STSA93000013794439


Bank DSK

  • Support us through http://platformata.bg/
  • To buy some of the equipment needed for the hall;
  • To join our Christmas campaign and give our greeting cards and souvenirs to your customers and friends.