The second training module on the project “Together with our children” of the NGO “Future for the Children”

Within four meetings, the parents of Slanchitse and Edelveis Kindergarten’s met with Maria Gineva – a special pedagogue. The theme of the training was “Specificity in the development of children”.

More than 50 parents had the opportunity to discuss with a specialist a variety of topics:

  • emotions and fears of children
  • their character and behavioral characteristicst
  • the peculiarities of the children’s play
  • how to engage parents in the fun with their children

The meeting was also attended by the children’s educators who shared their observations on the topics. The directors of the two kindergartens also took part in the meetings to get more information and develop in the care of the children, as well as to hear feedback from parents. All this happened in an informal environment that predisposed participants to engage actively with opinions and questions.

In the course of the project, activities aimed at children and parents continued. In April 2018, we created a “Glossary of Children’s Words”. Parents received an invitation to enter the most memorable and fun words and expressions of their children. We gathered more than 400 words and an expression of nearly 30 dictionaries. The dictionaries and other materials made during the project will be included in a final closing exhibition at the end of the activities.

More training and entertaining activities are under way in May 2018, aiming to create a positive, supportive environment for children by promoting parent-child communication and active interactions of kindergarten and family.

The project “Together with our Children” is being implemented thanks to Lidl Bulgaria ‘s largest socially responsible initiative “You and Lidl for a Better Life” in partnership with the Workshop for Citizens’ Initiatives Foundation and Bulgarian Donor Forum.

We enjoy good relationships and active participation from both kindergartens!

The dictionaries can be explored here