The adventure-summer camp

The annual camp of the Future for the Children Association took place at the beginning of July and included 20 children with emotional-behavioral problems, children with special educational needs and children accommodated in foster families .

The main objectives of the camp were:

  • Increase children’s self-esteem
  • Create social inclusion in the community
  • Build skills to deal with dangerous situations
  • Recognize and deal with their own feelings and emotions.

Play was an essential part of the camp. We used various logic games, sports and entertainment which helped to stimulate the children and give them a fun way of learning. After each game the children had the opportunity to talk about their reactions and the reactions of others on the camp. We also used art therapy methods (applied arts and theater.)

There were discussions  on different themes such as “Me and my family”, “Me and my friends” and others. A hike to the “Buzludja” peak and two movie evenings were organized. 

During the 6 days of the camp the children had a daily schedule that they kept to strictly. The program offered various activities to the children helping them to find their place in the group.

Krasimira Dimitrova, head of the camp said: “The team found it a great challenge to create a feeling of community with children of different ages, with different problems, characters and abilities. It  required a lot of patience, determination and different approaches. The most exciting thing was seeing the changes in the children. They were encouraged to look at themselves and think about their reactions, look for different solutions to problems, create friendships, help themselves and work as a team to deal with difficulties.”

We are grateful for the professional work and approach of our specialists: Krasimira Dimitrova – head of the camp, Galina Peeva and Kaloyan Zahariev – assistants, Ivanka Koleva – nurse, who for another year took the challenge of organizing and conducting the camp!

We thank our donors, Eurobank Plc. Bulgaria, who for the seventh consecutive year financed this activity!