Future for the Children Association celebrates 21 March – International Day of People with Down Syndrome

On March 21 we mark the International Day of People with Down Syndrome. For the first time, the day was celebrated at the VI World Symposium at the initiative of the European and International Associations to Prevent and Help People Down With Down Syndrome, held in Palma de Mallorca in 2006.

The twenty-first day of the third month was not chosen by chance to mark that day, but to show that Down Syndrome is linked to trisomy (three copies) of 21 chromosome pair.

The child with Down Syndrome is like any other child. It wants to play with friends, it is openhearted and wants to be loved. Many people around the world wear different colored socks on March 21 to support people with Down Syndrome and to remember that the world is colorful and diverse.

We also got involved, but with painted socks!

During March, children and parents using the services of the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and the Center for Community Support colored and stuck various textiles on paper socks. We attached them to a colorful exhibition at the entrance of Future for the Children Association.

Children with Down Syndrome are born anywhere in the world regardless of race or social class. About 100 such children are born in Bulgaria each year.

Such initiatives and events happen all over the world. They aim to attract attention and clarify what the syndrome is, what it means to people born with it and how they play an important role in our lives and society.