A social experiment called “Your help does not help me!” Made in Kazanlak

The Future for the Children Association and the media in the town of Kazanlak organize a joint initiative under the slogan “We oppose the begging of children” in order to limit and/or eliminate the phenomenon of “children on the street”. It exists not only in the Kazanlak municipality but in the cities around the world.

The campaign was launched on June 12 – World Day Against Child Labor. This day puts a focus on children who are engaged in some form of dangerous or exploitative work, usually at the expense of their health and education, as well as general well-being and development. According to the latest data (since 2014), 168 million children worldwide work to support their families. Child labor is unacceptable because the children should be in school. For the purposes of the Act, any economic exploitation of a child is a crime and is subject to punishment.

“Your help does not help me!” campaign is targeted at people in the city of Kazanlak with the support of all institutions and it is implemented as part of the coordination mechanism for child protection at the local level.

The action included providing information to the general public in order to prevent child begging and its consequences, and flash mob with the message “Child begging is a crime!”. The children from the drama group at ODK “St. Ivan Rilski “and Military Club – Kazanlak and their manager Joro Atanasov helped to make this happen. They played the role of children begging. Taking money from the public, the young performers gave them a leaflet explaining that giving children money on the street is a crime. With the language of art, the theater studio created a social experiment – how and whether the citizens respond to the appearance of a begging child? This experience has proved once again that begging puts the children at risk, damages their health and violates their rights.

We call on all who notice begging children, and those who go to restaurants to sell small souvenirs, to call 112 immediately. In such cases, a police patrol arrives at the location and places the child under police protection. From there, a family survey is carried out, and parents are subject to a fine for having left their child alone.

Maria Gineva, executive director of the organization. says:

We are convinced that if all people are more active and ring the police, we will be able to cope with the exploitation of children together. With this campaign, we want to focus the attention of the general public on a serious problem. Yes, we do it in a different way, but in order to provoke more people and attract them to our cause – Watching children is a responsibility and their place is not on the streets!

The owners and managers of several establishments in the city  – Zeleno Club, Retro Bar “Gradini” and Pizza “Richie” made this day possible.

In a series of meetings, the Association and representatives of local, regional and national media in the city have developed common rules for work and coordination among themselves. The action “Your help does not help me!” – in support of children at risk in the municipality is the last stage of the “Working with the media” activity under the “Change in action” project.

The Change in Action project is funded under the NGO Support Program in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014″ www.ngogrants.bg.


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