In the Center you will find the following services:

SOCIAL CONSULTING – support for building autonomous skills and developing a social network; planning and carrying out various activities to increase the social competence of service users.

PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTING – providing specialized counseling assistance aimed at achieving change in the ability to learn, make decisions and implement them, using both methods of cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic psychology.

INTERMEDIATE – Providing information and assistance through direct social, family mediation and  occupational therapy, filling in documents, orientation in institutions, clarification of relations with family members, etc.

ACCOMPANYING / ACCOMMODATION – If a child has no other support, a social worker will acompany them to new environments e.g. specialized establishments, house of a relative, etc. The level of involvment of the social worker is determined on an individual basis.

EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT – Motivation and support for inclusion in or prevention of dropping out of the education system.

SPEECH THERAPY – to overcome the linguistic and communicative problems.

SOCIAL WORK WITH CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES – preparation of individual assessments; organizational activities for inclusion in therapeutic, rehabilitation, social and educational programs, integration assistance in kindergartens and schools; organizing and conducting social inclusion activities for children. Involvement in various workshops: “Applied Arts Workshop”, “Gardening”, “Hippotherapy”.

SOCIAL WORK WITH FAMILY АТ RISK – awareness among high-risk communities about reproductive health, contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted diseases and family planning, the child’s need to grow in a family environment; developing communication skills, budgeting, job search and parenting; identifying children and families at risk by doing work in the community; reporting; provision of social services in the community – individual work (counseling, attendance, mediation), group programs (training in parenting skills and caring for baby / pregnant women and young mothers).

SOCIAL WORK WITH CHILDREN АТ RISK – according to the assessment made with the children, they work individually or in groups. Children mainly have challenging behavior or are  involved in illegal activities, serious forms of child labor and others. The main approach in working with them is the psychoanalytic, which creates an area in which the children have the opportunity for self-expression, which the specialist uses as the basis of his professional intervention.

ADOPTION -monitoring and support in the post-adoption period – advisory assistance to the family as they adapt to having a child.

Training in skills for independent living and social integration.

Training programs  for students, parents and others.