Under the project “Damage is not a disadvantage, but a challenge”, eight children and young people with various disabilities and their parents climbed mountain peak “Ispolin”. A team from the Bulgarian National Television, under the direction of Nikolay Vassilev, shot the documentary “ISPOLIN”. This film showed the true face of children and young people with disabilities, their spirit, their strength and their desire to reach their goal. This is a film about the limitations that society puts in front of people with special needs. The film received broad approval and media interest. It was distributed in kindergartens and schools in the Stara Zagora region. It was used as visual study material for students in the Special Education Faculty of Stara Zagora.
The film  won the special prize at the Film Festival in Bansko in 2007.

Link to the film “Ispolin”.

Under the project “The Power of the Proto-Bulgarian Spirit”, we created the second documentary – “Sunrise of the Warrior”. The movie shows the development of the personality of children with special needs.