The cookies workshop


In Bulgaria, thousands of young adults with disability stay mostly at home, isolated from the rest of the world, unable to find work once they graduate high school and enter adulthood. With our “Cookie Workshop” project, we aim not only to create a work environment for them but also to teach them valuable working skills and thus give them a meaning in everyday life – a place and a chance, where they can prove their unique potential to the world.


For 16 years, “Future for the Children” organization has been working to create better conditions for children, teenagers and youngsters with different physical or mental challenges. As for these over 18 years old, our target group in this workshop, their chances to become a contributing part of society are quite limited. As they graduate from high school, these young adults most often do not possess the needed abilities or skills to start any job. On one hand, many Bulgarian employers face challenges to hire them because of the restricted working environment they provide, on the other, employers themselves are challenged, as not being supported by the government in any way, which can increase the employability of these young adults. There are only small amount of programs, providing limited job opportunity by the Unemployment Labor Office, which can contribute to only a small amount of young adults for short periods of time.


Who remembers that Beethoven wrote music despite being deaf, that Einstein was autist or that Stephen Hawking was unable to move or even talk?

In Bulgaria, thousands of young adults with disability stay mostly at home. In fact, they are isolated from the rest of the world, living, or one can say, existing without the opportunity to show any potential, like everyone else – regardless of the fact that their right to work is guaranteed by the Law.

Therefore, our project “The Cookie Workshop” aims to give meaning to the everyday life of these young adults. They, together with our pastry master chef, will bake and decorate cookies for different occasions and holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, alongside with carrying out special company orders. The dedicated place for the Cookie Workshop will host different gatherings, meetings and events, in which these young adults will be active participants. This will allow them to socialize with other peers and also make friends.

The Cookie Workshop will also give them the possibility to develop work skills, such as working according to designated working hours, handling different kind of kitchen equipment, proficiency in keeping continuity of concrete actions, maintaining hygiene at the work place, responsibility and execution of the assigned duties. To support them into adapting faster to the job, they will be guided by our social workers and phycologists.

The collected funds will be used to cover the repair cost of the place, designated for the workshop, as well as to purchase the necessary cooking equipment.

In our organization, we believe in the unique abilities of every person, and with our work, we strive to create the conditions, in which our clients – or rather our friends, will find a place to belong and feel worthy.

Long-Term Impact

Originally, 24 young adults with disability will be part of our Cookie Workshop Project. 4 young adults will be hired long term. This job will enable them to financially support and take care for their families, will help them develop social and working skills and habits, and will increase their self-esteem. This will eventually help them in applying for another long term job and become much more likeable in the job market due to the gained experience in our workshop.